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Bloggers, this is going to sound like a dream come true. I’m sure you’ve thought about how great it would be if you could automatically turn your blog posts into social media posts. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, there is a solution to this problem. Meet blog to social. This piece of software will save you TONS of time and make it possible for you to automate your social media posting using a network of the most popular social media channels.

Bloggers can struggle to find enough time to post their blogs, let alone optimize and then manually share them on social media. We have developed a tool that automatically turns your blog posts into social media posts, so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy most - writing!

If you're a blogger/influencer and love to share your articles on social media, then you should definitely have a look at 'Blog to social'! This service automatically turns your blog posts into social media posts.

blog to social steps

What is Blog to social?

Every time you post a new blog post, all your social media channels are updated automatically. It's a hassle-free way to share your new content across your social network.

It's a little piece of mind. Blog to social updates all your social media channels, when you publish a new blog post. That way, you can concentrate on creating awesome content and let them worry about the rest.

Write once, publish anywhere. That's the goal of every social media campain: get your content out there in as many places as possible. Make your social management less of a chore with the help of Blog to social.

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