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Bubble style sheet: A Bubble template you can use to make your new or existing Bubble apps look good! Download the template here.

How to use the style sheet with an existing Bubble app?

Hit that "New app" button.

First you have to create an app that will be your base where you can copy/paste the styles or elements to your existing Bubble app.

Start bij creating a new app:

Then choose to start from a template and choose "Style Sheet"

Select "Style Sheet" from the dropdown.

Now that you have created your Bubble style sheet you can go over to the "Styles" tab

Open the "Styles" tab.
Now click on a style you need with your right mouse button, and hit "copy".

Now you can go into your existing Bubble app to paste the style you've just copied.

Again in your existing app (on the "Styles" tab hit your right mouse button and paste the style you've just copied.

You're now able to use your new style in your app, by selecting (in this case) the text element and choosing the Style element you just copy/paste in your Bubble app.

Open the dropdown and choose the style.

*Make sure you're using the same browser when copy and pasting your styles.

Have more questions? Check all the frequently asked questions about the Bubble Style Sheet here.

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